Killybegs GAA Teams

Below is a list of teams and the competitions they will be playing in 2010


Radio na Gaeltachta Senior Football Championship
Division 2 League


Radio na Gaeltachta Reserve Football Championship
Reserve 2 League


U21 'A' Championship


Britton All Sports Division 1 League & Championship

U16 - Girls

U16 'A' League & Championship

U16 - Boys

Donegal Adventure Centre Division 1 league & Championship

U15 - Boys

U15 'A' Og Sport Championship

U14 - Girls

U14 'A' League & Championship

U14 - Boys

Brian McEniff Hotels Division 1 League & Championship

U13 - Boys

Kellys Pharmacy Division 1 League & championship

U12 - Girls

U12 'A' League & Championship

U12 - Boys

Aerphort Dhun na nGall Division 1 League & Championship